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Grade 12 Physics SPH4U

Ms. McPhee
Room 248
Period D

Welcome to physics! You have chosen wisely: physics makes the world go 'round. This course will enable you to deepen your understanding of the concepts and theories of physics. You will explore further the laws of dynamics and energy transformations, and will investigate electrical, gravitational, and magnetic fields; electromagnetic radiation; and the interface between energy and matter. You will further develop your inquiry skills, learning, for example, how the interpretation of experimental data can provide indirect evidence to support the development of a scientific model. You will also consider the impact on society and the environment of technological applications of physics.

The strands we will study during this session are as follows:
The Wave Nature of Light: September-October
Matter-Energy Interface: October-November
Forces and Motion: Dynamics: December-February
Energy and Momentum: February-April
Electric, Gravitational, and Magnetic Fields: April-May

Physics: Concepts and Connections, Book 2, Irwin (2003)
Replacement cost: $100

Students will be assessed in a variety of ways, including quizzes, tests, labs, assignments, and projects. Please see the course outline for information about the specific topics and category break-down.

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